COVID 19: Morocco\'s State of Mind

What are the challenges / problems?

Anxiety, stress and negativity

What is the proposed solution?

Positivity and several activities and thoughts

How do you contribute to achieving this idea?

Sharing positivism

What do you need in implementing this idea?

Coming from a small country in north Africa and proud of my belonging! Morocco becomes a role model for all over the world. Top medias cited the King’s directives in the preventive measures. Early on strategies set up to keep Moroccan citizens safe from the invisible enemy. Hence, my country prefers its people to its economy, because we all believe that prevention is way better than cure.
Since the state of health emergency, crime rate has dropped 99%. You, Moroccan, you are safe due to the presence of law enforcement in your city, in your street, and in your neighborhood. Thus, these measures have a positive effect on the rate of traffic accidents, which has decreased significantly compared to the average recorded previously.
Last but not least, during the lockdown, Morocco has known a huge revolution in IT and IS. From classic methods to high end ones in few weeks. Morocco’s system went from the the 1.0 generation to the 2.0 advanced one in a very short period. All the cores of the new digital country; public administrations, governments, bankers, businessman, lawyers, and journalists, are working perfectly from their houses and are giving output to all situations.

While Moroccans are living this crisis, they figured out that heroes are not actors or singers, but real ones are doctors and all the enforcement bodies.
Hand in hand, Moroccan citizens, poor and rich, young and old, are facing this pandemic and admitting that only health that matters. Within all the human development initiatives and commissions with view of reducing differences and creating cohesion in society, the virus did better. In less than one week, Morocco collects more than 2 billion dollars dedicated to health core, poor class losing their jobs and all measures of prevention from the Nano Virus.
You, Moroccan, should be so Proud!
During the worst moments of your lockdown, a flow of pitiful thoughts crosses your minds. For more than a month, it provides dissatisfaction, anxiety and frustration, especially when you share these feelings with all members of your family. Depressed? Yes, when you wake up thinking negatively expecting the worst. While others, during the same period, are combating the gloom and enjoying their time.
How? This time is gold!
If God gives you company during lockdown, either family, friends or lover. Show your love and empathy. They need you as much as you do. Love is the key of happiness, in best moments and worst ones. If you are alone, boost your social life, call your loved ones and support them.

Consume rather create. Each one of us is triggered by a specific topic or field, meaning that it is the most suitable time to read and deepen your knowledge. Online journals, libraries and universities are offering free readings and courses, either national or international, in English, French, Spanish and Arabic. You prefer visuals, turn on your TV and watch movies or documentaries.
Lover of arts, time travel is possible while experiencing museums operas, theaters, cirques and aquariums while focusing on artefacts and gestures.
Wanted to go to Venezia in Spring Break, Ibiza in Summer or Berlin in Christmas. Today, you can dedicate this time to grasp Italian, Spanish or German.
Seeking activity? Without any equipment, you still have great workouts to do while stuck in your living room. So change your body to change your mind.
Meditate? If you look for a state of mind. Start meditating to feel free and clear your thoughts. No more excuses, you have time.
Last one, become popular. Create your blog, Instagram page, broadcast! Share the best and worst highlights of your lockdown and be creative. People make money out of it.
Whoever you are, Wherever you are, Stay safe out there!

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