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What are the challenges / problems?

Studying took a hit and the impacts are going to persist if we don't take active measures, teachers find difficulty teaching their students, the classes were overcrowded now whatsapp groups are and they are not manageable..

What is the proposed solution?

Volunteering system is the solution, each volunteer takes care of two kids in three or less fields (math, physics, biology etc...)

How do you contribute to achieving this idea?

I can volunteer and manage the fb page with couple of friends.

What do you need in implementing this idea?

Advertisement in order to gather volunteers and parents/students(16+) who want to use the help.

تتبع ومواكبة إنجاز المبادرة

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  • دراسة المبادرة 20 مارس 2020
    تم دراسة المبادرة من طرف لجنة مختصة وتم الشروع في التواصل مع الجهات المعنية.