What are the challenges / problems?

What is the proposed solution?

We worked in this week on a one page web app that provides charts of the evolution of COVID-19 in different countries starting the first confirmed case.

This app can help predict the evolution of the Moroccan situation. Are we heading toward Japan's control OR a total mess as Italy and Spain ?

The app can also be used to add a custom country and therefore helps to check the evolution of other countries too.

The scale of the charts can be toggled between logarithmic and linear. You can also hide and show the countries based on your interest.

The analyzed for now are: Confirmed Cases, Deaths, Recoveries, Daily Growth Rate between Day J and J-1 and the regional data in Morocco.

You can find the app by following this link:

How do you contribute to achieving this idea?

What do you need in implementing this idea?

تتبع ومواكبة إنجاز المبادرة

هنا يمكن مواكبة المنجزات التي تم تحقيقها لإنجاز هذه المبادرة على أرض الواقع

  • دراسة المبادرة 20 مارس 2020
    تم دراسة المبادرة من طرف لجنة مختصة وتم الشروع في التواصل مع الجهات المعنية.